Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

POPS stands for Plenty Of Potential and we passionately believe your child can reach their true potential in reading by using resources specifically designed to play to their strengths.
The POPS Reading Scheme is designed for children with:

The reading scheme was launched in 2004 and is constantly evolving thanks to the support of a highly dedicated team of educational professionals and parents. Today, it is successfully used in over 5,000 primary and special schools and by many parents at home.

The reading scheme delivers a natural language experience where children are taught the language they will need in their everyday lives. The story topics are understandable and relevant to the child’s experiences. The illustrations are simple, attractive and uncluttered.

It progresses in small easy steps, helping the child to become an effective reader by developing both word recognition (phonics) and reading comprehension (meaning) skills. It is designed to be easily adaptable to the individual learning needs of your child.

"POPS makes pupils keen to read, is viewed as something that is fun and special and is something that they can achieve.” Jane Beadman, Educational Psychologist