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Parents POPS Phonics Starter Kit

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Specially designed for the parent, with step-by-step instructions to teach the concept of phonics and the skill of blending. Using the familiar POPS characters and words already learnt from the readers, the child will have the confidence to quickly progress with the phonics exercises.

Best used after the child has completed the Red Series Readers and is starting the Blue Series Readers.

Helps your child to acquire word decoding skills by breaking the concept of blending sounds into small easy steps. Covers the ’en’, ’an’, ’at’ , ’ig’ word families. Supports Synthetic Phonics, Analytical Phonics and Onset and Rime.

The download will be delivered to the email address provided, when placing the order.

The download contains:


  • Practical Step-by-Step Introduction to teaching Phonics 
  • Teaching the "AN" Phonics Family Set
  • Teaching the "AT" Phonics Family Set
  • Teaching the "EN" Phonics Family Set
  • Teaching the "IG" Phonics Family Set
  • Consolidation Flash Sentences
  • Elephant Word Walls

Each Phonics Family teaching kit contains:

   Large Word and Picture Cards
   Large Word Cards
   Small Word Cards
   Combination Flash Sentences