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The App is free to download for evaluation. All extra stories and exercises can be purchased for:  £4.99,   €5.49.

Please download from the Apple App Store.  Search for "Pops Resources" or use the following link:

This is the first App of a series of six Apps to provide an interactive version of the POPS Reading Program for the iPad.  

The main features that differentiate the App from a mainstream reading App are:

1. Graphics items have heavy outlines and are coloured so each item is clearly distinguishable from surrounding items.

2. The graphics are uncluttered and every item in the graphic relates to the accompanying text

3. Animations are simple, repeatable and understandable

4. Gestures are specially customised for children with limited motor skills, and to allow two fingers to simultaneously move the object. (the teacher and the pupil)

5 All navigation is one touch forward and one touch backward, so the child can use the App independently

6. All tasks are single focus, a chrome screen is provided to remove any background distraction

7. The voices can be adjusted for pitch, volume and speed rate.