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Blue Elephant Series Pack 1



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Four books of 22 pages each.

Kal has a Friend to Play - Kal’s friend Jan comes to play. They play football. Kal wins the game. Jan is not happy, she wants to win! Mum comes to the rescue…
Bella has a Sore Tooth - Bella needs to go to the Vet with her sore tooth. Mum gets the cat basket. Bella does not like the cat basket or the vet, she runs off to hide…
The Peg Monster - Mum tells the children about a new game called Peg Monsters. Its good fun being a Peg Monster but what will Mum think when Kal becomes a Mud Monster…
Making a Den - Mum needs to do the shopping online. She wants the children to go and play. Milly has a great idea; she wants to make a den.

Does not include the Blue Series Worksheets and Exercises CD

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