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Blue Elephant Series Pack 3



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Four books of 22 pages each.

Uncle Aidan Comes to Visit - Good new! Uncle Aidan is coming to visit. Lots of fun and presents, the children can’t wait for him to arrive..
Uncle Aidan Visits a Friend - Uncle Aidan visits his friend at the Rescue Centre where he works. The children go too. They want to take a cat and dog home. Uncle Aidan is happy but will Mum be happy too?
Kal`s New Shoes - Uncle Aidan takes Kal to buy some new shoes. Uncle Aidan sees lots of good shoes but Kal is not so easily pleased...
Uncle Aidan Goes Home - It is time for Uncle Aidan to go home. No more fun and sweets! The children are sad. Mum has an idea to cheer everyone up.

Does not include the Blue Series Worksheets and Exercises CD

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