? The Blue Elephant Series Pack 4 Books
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Blue Elephant Series Pack 4



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Four books of 22 pages each.

Lots and Lots of Spots - The children are unwell. It’s chickenpox. No school, no jobs, the children must rest. But they have other ideas..
Dad`s Long List - Mum is running in a big race. She must run everyday to get fit. Everyone has to help with the jobs. Mum gives Dad a long list. Dad says the children must help, but will they?
My Turn to Talk - Kal is cross. He wants a turn to talk. Sometimes he uses a small voice and no one can hear him, sometimes he can’t think of the word he needs. He asks Mum what he should do.
Mrs Pearce`s Birthday - Mrs Pearce helps Kal at school. It’s Mrs Pearce’s birthday. Kal wants her to have a great day. He decides to do his best work all day…

Does not include the Blue Series Worksheets and Exercises CD

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