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We are indebted to our reference schools and grateful to those of you who have emailed our site with comments and feedback. This allows us to keep very close to the children we want to help, allowing them to direct our onward development.

We care about your views positive or negative, please share them with us so we can provide the best possible products and services.

Please forward any feedback to: sales@popsresources.com

POPS Resources Limited United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

POPS Resources Ltd
PO BOX 27096
EH10 6WS

TEL: 0131 447-7747
FAX: 0131 447-5800
EMAIL: sales@popsresources.com
POPS Resources Limited Republic of Ireland

POPS Resources Ltd
4 Melesian Avenue
Co Dublin

TEL: 01 813 7967
EMAIL: sales@popsresources.com