? Complete Pack for Five Children
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Five Children Scheme ( 160 Books ) + CD's

£499.95 (£510.45 incl. VAT)


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Contains five complete sets of Books and one each of the CD-ROMS listed below. All CD-ROMS include a school licence allowing you to print as many copies of the resources as you need for your school. This represents very good value and considerably reduces the cost of the programme when used with a number of children.

The pack contains:
  • Five sets of The Red Elephant Series Books (80 books)
  • Five sets of The Blue Elephant Series Books (80 books)
  • Red Series Worksheets and Exercises CD (for all books in the Red Elephant Series) 
  • Blue Series Worksheets and Exercises CD (for all books in the Blue Elephant Series)
  • POPS Phonics Stage 1 CD

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