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Please download the sample Books and Phonics samples.

Red Series Pack 1 – Belly Button Painting

Killy and Kal wanted to do some painting. Kal wanted to paint his belly button. What will Mum say?

Red Series Pack 3 – Bruno

Bruno is Kal’s toy dog. Bruno is dirty and smelly. What will happen to Bruno?

Blue Series Pack 3 – Uncle Aidan Visits a Friend

Uncle Aidan visits his friend at the Rescue Centre. The children go too. They want to take a cat and a dog home. Uncle Aidan is happy, but will Mum be happy too?

POPS Phonics Starter Kit

Specially designed to introduce the child to the concept of phonics and the skill of blending. Word Cards, Word and Picture Cards, Consolidation Sentences, Combination Sentences and Word Walls.

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