? Free Samples Books For Speech and Language Therapy
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Sample Books

Please download the sample Books and Phonics samples

  • Sample pages from the Red Elephant SeriesBelly Button Painting – from Red Elephant Series Pack 1. Milly and Kal wanted to do some painting. Kal wanted to paint his belly button. What will Mum say?
    Belly Button Painting
    Bruno – from Red Elephant Series Pack 3. Bruno is Kal’s toy dog. Bruno is dirty and smelly. What will happen to Bruno?
  • Sample pages from the Blue Elephant SeriesUncle Aidan Visits a Friend – from Blue Elephant Series Pack 3. Uncle Aidan visits his friend at the Rescue Centre. The children go too. They want to take a cat and dog home. Uncle Aidan is happy but will Mum be happy too?
    Blue Elephant
  • Samples from POPS Phonics Stage 1POPS Phonic Families Stage 1 – Stage 1 covers the en, an, at, ig word families. The pack contains Word Cards, Word and Picture Cards, Consolidation Sentences, Combination Sentences and Elephant Word Walls.
    POPS Phonic
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