Congratulations on producing such delightful materials, I am recommending them to everyone at work – Elizabeth McLaughlin, Care Worker at the Action Group

Nasen Review
Review of the programme by Andrew Taylor, teacher in charge of a primary school speech and language centre.
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These resources are really good, I would recommend them to Mainstream and Special Schools – Mrs Pope, Teacher at Broughton Primary School


BBC Scotland Interview
Video clip of Marie and Daniel and pupils at Longniddry Primary School, using POPS resources.
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Success at every step, every child likes that, I am telling everyone your story.- Teacher and Mother to special needs son from Aberdeenshire who bought the materials and has introduced them into her school.


Times Educational Supplement
Article by Jolene Campbell about Marie, Daniel and POPS Resources
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“I have bought the first two sets of POPS books and word cards for my son who has just turned three and has Down Syndrome. I cannot believe it but he is reading the books and can tell me ever word on the word cards in pack 1 & 2. It is unbelievable to listen to him reading. During the day I hear him quoting lines out of the books and laughing to himself—no more jumping on mum’s bed etc—. I have just ordered pack 3 & 4 of the POPS books. I hope there is more on the way.” Teresa Ashe, Kildare


InTouch Independent Review
Indepent Review of the POPS Reading Prgramme by Julie Ryng, Resource Teacher, Scoil An Athar Maitiu.
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As a mother of an eight year old daughter with Down Syndrome, I would just like to tell you how much my daughter has enjoyed the first two set of books. We have tried many book schemes over the last 4 years and none of them have been able to hold Claudia`s attention as these books have. She loves the flash words and matching games and will happily play with them for quite some time; in fact it is I that usually says “enough now, let’s put them away”. I have just spoken to our LEA who has agreed to purchase the next two sets of books. My daughter has made more progress in reading during the last three months, than she has the previous four years. Please hurry up and publish some more before she runs out of books to read. A very impressed Mother. Lynne Lynch.


TV3 Ireland Interview
Video clip of Marie speaking on TV3 Ireland AM
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Have received the POPS books. They manage to have simple language while staying grammatical. Best of all the stories are fun! Congratulations, No one can be a better expert than a parent with experience and a trial and error approach to helping their child with D.S. learn. I will definitely be recommending these resources to the families I work with and my SLT colleagues. Keep up the good work!” Isolda O`Connor, Co. Cork


Primary Times Article
Article for parents introducing the fundamentals of the POPS Resources
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My son Benjamin is 11 and has Down Syndrome. He has really enjoyed both sets of the Pops books. They have held his interest, encouraged and improved his reading and made him eager to read more. We have sent them into school and they have used them with him and are impressed with the quality and content. – Bernard Ashton


Daily Star Feature
Interview with Marie on launch of POPS resources in Ireland.
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My daughter loves the phonic set, the materials are so clear and easy to handle, we are onto our second family, and she loves it.- Mother to child with DS who is using the Phonic sets with her daughter Fiona aged 9.


Montessori International Review
Article from Montessori International with an independent review of the POPS Resources by Arlene Harris, a Montessori teacher.
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Bright, colourful, well made and really engaging, my nephew really likes them, I am so glad I saw your article. Aunt who bought them for her Nephew in New Zealand and who went out there at Christmas with this as his Christmas pressie. – Mary


Visit to Kill O The Grange School
Charming account of our visit to one of our reference schools “Kill O the Grange” by two of our star pupils and their wonderful teacher, Gwen Baker.
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I love seeing a child with a disability so well portrayed in these resources, this is good for all children to see.- Teacher in one of the Special schools using them.