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School Orders 

There are three options available

Email Order

When you choose to "Place Order", you will receive an order confirmation email, confirming that we have received the order. We will send an invoice with the resources. 

Print Order Form

When you choose "Print Order Form", an order form containing the selected items is created. You can print the form and either fax, email or post to us. This option does not create an order automatically, we need to receive the printed order form to dispatch the order. 

Fax Number: 0044 (0) 131 447 5800

Email: sales@popsresources.com

Credit/Debit Card

Please use this option if you wish to make a purchase using a credit or debit card. We will send an invoice with the resources marked, "Paid in Full".

Home Orders

We accept a wide range of Debit and Credit Cards for Home Orders.

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