Blue Series Pack 4 (4 Books)


Four books of 22 pages each.

  • Lots and Lots of Spots – The children are unwell. It’s chickenpox. No school, no jobs, the children must rest. But they have other ideas..
  • Dad`s Long List – Mum is running in a big race. She must run everyday to get fit. Everyone has to help with the jobs. Mum gives Dad a long list. Dad says the children must help, but will they?
  • My Turn to Talk – Kal is cross. He wants a turn to talk. Sometimes he uses a small voice and no one can hear him, sometimes he can’t think of the word he needs. He asks Mum what he should do.
  • Mrs Pearce`s Birthday – Mrs Pearce helps Kal at school. It’s Mrs Pearce’s birthday. Kal wants her to have a great day. He decides to do his best work all day…


The fourth pack of the Blue Series Reading Programme. The pack contains four different titles. Book size is 22 pages.


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