NEW – Red Series Pack 3 (4 Books)


New – Larger fonts, enhanced clearer graphics and the books work seamlessly with the new POPS Apps.

Four books of 16 pages each.

  • Bruno – Bruno was Kal’s toy dog. Bruno was dirty and smelly. What will happen to Bruno?
  • Milly`s Doll`s House – Milly got a doll’s house. Will Grandad be able to make some furniture for it?
  • The Magic Word – Milly wanted to give Bella a bath. Bella would not come for her bath. What will Milly do?
  • The Jungle Game – Milly wanted to play the Jungle Game. The children dressed up as animals. Find out if Bella wants to play too.


The third pack of the Red Series Reading Programme. The pack contains four different titles. Book size is 16 pages.


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