Small Easy Steps with Educational Games to Reinforce Learning

The reading scheme supports children who are strong visual learners with clear uncluttered illustrations and large easy to read text.

Some children with learning difficulties will be able to read all the text on the page; others will be able to match the targeted words on each page. After reading the story, talk about what you found funny. Ask your child to point to anything in the illustration they think is funny, discuss it and laugh about it together.

The books have Word Cards (Flash Cards) to play lotto, reading comprehension and sentence completion games and for use in Name, Match and Select activities. Matching games on each page and games at the back of each book offer tools for learning, revision and assessment.
The use of Word Cards (Flash Cards) is an important feature of the reading scheme; they offer many opportunities to consolidate and revise.

The following games can be played with the Word Cards:

  • Matching — the child matches a Word Card (Flash Cards) to the corresponding word in a sentence, in the green box at the end of each text page or in the games at the back of each book.
  • Selecting — the child selects the word from a number of Word Cards (Flash Cards) on a verbal or signed cue.
  • Naming — you hold the Word Card (Flash Card) up for the child to see and they sign or say the word in question.
  • Hide and Seek — hide the Word Card (Flash Card) in the book, under their pencil case, etc., and ask the child to seek and say the word.
  • Posting — post the words using a post box (either home made or from another game) and have your child say and post the Word Card (Flash Card).
  • Fishing — there are many such games on the market, some with big wooden fish. Using ‘Blutac’ stick the Word Cards (Flash Cards) onto the fish and have your child fish for the Word Card (Flash Card) and tell you what it says. Alternatively you can easily make your own fishing game by putting a paper clip on the Word Cards (Flash Cards) and using a home-made fishing rod with a magnet on the end to fish the word from either a box or bowl or whatever is to hand. (Caution —younger children require supervision for this game.)